I just wanted to say a few words about the dreaded shiny object syndrome, when I was in the military we used that saying a lot. Soldiers like shiny and new things and always have to have it no matter what it is or what it does.

The same can be said for internet marketing, I did touch on this briefly in a previous post but cannot emphasize enough the importance of resisting it. If you don’t know what shiny object syndrome is allow me to explain.

If you are in the business of internet marketing or making money online or indeed wanting to start an online business of your own chances are you are on many marketers email lists. Now you maybe enrolled in some kind of coaching program or course to learn how to build an online business.

We all check our emails everyday and now with smart phones it’s even easier as we get notifications when emails arrive. You look through your inbox and start opening emails with really catchy headlines, it’s another promotion for the next big internet marketing product or course promising you success in no time at all.

Before you know it you have clicked the link read the sales page and purchased, leaving the course you were already enrolled in behind and simply forget about it. Rinse and repeat this daily you have shiny object syndrome.

My advice is simply stop doing it, find one course or program and stick to it, this is the only way you will succeed believe me take it from someone who knows and who has been there and has the t-shirt.


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