The powerful Google Search Console.

I get quite a few emails from readers asking about Google Search Console. In the this short article I am going to point out a neat little feature that many new bloggers overlook. If you are experienced and have been blogging for a while I would say that you probably already know this.

Using a simple feature within Google search console, instead of waiting for days for our content to be crawled and indexed, we can request to be put to the top of the priority crawl que, ensuring our posts and content gets crawled and indexed within hours not days.

Ok first things first if you haven’t already got an account head over to Google search console and create a free account.

Capture The Powerful Google Search Console

Ok once you have your account and signed in the first thing you have to do is submit your website sitemap. Navigate to the left hand column and simply add it under the sitemap heading. 2021 05 19 20 41 27 The Powerful Google Search Console









If you are unsure of what your sitemap is it will be something like

Once you have the sitemap submitted Google will test it anyway and should return with no crawl errors. Ok all done we are good to go, now once you have a post or piece of content written and published copy the link for the post and paste it into Google search console under the URL Inspection heading.

2021 05 19 20 54 28 The Powerful Google Search Console

Once Google has tested the URL you will see a short report from the crawl. All we simply do now is ask to test the live URL.


2021 05 19 20 57 49 The Powerful Google Search Console


Once that is tested again Google will return the test results, it is here that we can now request indexing for the URL we have just submitted.

2021 05 19 21 01 39 The Powerful Google Search Console


That is it a really quick and easy way to get your new posts and content crawled and indexed as quick as possible. Please feel free to leave a comment or add anything I may have missed out.

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