What is the meaning of life?


A little off-piste today, but my readers have asked my opinion so here it is.

photo 1490730141103 6cac27aaab94 What is the meaning of life?

For most of my life, I have always wondered what it is that makes us want to live. Some days are good – filled with happiness and desire. These are the days where you can’t wait to see what happens next, and where every morning is another opportunity to enjoy life – whether it be by spending time with family or friends, or simply by going on a walk and enjoying the view. Other days are bad – filled with sadness and regret. These are the days where you can’t seem to get yourself out of bed, and where every night is another chance to question whether life truly has any meaning at all – why am I even here?

Life is certainly unpredictable.

photo 1519589356351 4f5bb9dc77d6 What is the meaning of life?

Life is certainly unpredictable. It can be filled with happiness and love one day, and sadness and heartbreak the next. These two things seem opposite – however, I believe that they are not as different as we might think. They are both sides of the same coin.

One day you could be sitting inside with your friends and family, celebrating a birthday and just having a good time. This is the epitome of happiness, and it is what we seem to strive for – this feeling of joy and contentment. However, it only takes one bad day to bring your entire world crashing down around you. Suddenly, all of your accomplishments mean nothing and it becomes impossible to even get out of bed. You begin to question the meaning of life itself – why am I here? Why was I born? What is my purpose in this world?

These two sides show us that happiness and sadness are not as different as we might think.

photo 1616951948952 5040c41445ba What is the meaning of life?

These two sides show us that happiness and sadness are not as different as we might think. That’s not to say that sadness isn’t real – it is. However, neither of these emotions are more “real” than the other, and perhaps this goes into our desire to constantly feel one or the other. Hitting rock-bottom and coming back up for air is a huge part of living life. Sadness is something that everyone experiences at some point or another, usually when something goes wrong. Whether you are dealing with a breakup, being fired from work, or even experiencing the death of a loved one, sadness is an inevitable part of life. However, no matter how bad someone’s situation may be, they can always find ways to make themselves happier.

Happiness seems like a good thing, right?

photo 1601011850287 43e30b7db748 What is the meaning of life?

Happiness seems like a good thing, right? Not only does it make you more productive and creative, but it also makes you feel good about yourself and the life that you are living. However, I believe that sadness has its place in our lives as well. Sadness teaches us to be more compassionate – if we didn’t experience sad moments in our lives, how would we know what it is like to love and care for someone else? Through sadness, we learn to appreciate what we have and take nothing for granted.

The idea of life being some kind of game has been around for several years now. It is a known fact that every human being on the planet earth has some sort of an agenda – be it to win over their enemies, get rich, or simply to get through another day with whatever dignity they have left. This “game” that has been talked about, is referred to by many names – life, the rat race, existence, etc.

Regardless of how it is named or called, this game requires you to make the best possible moves at every single turn. The decisions you make in your day-to-day lives can influence what happens with you in the future, and whether or not your goals are realized.

This style of thinking has been used for decades now, and it is a good one at that – just take a look around you and see how many people have managed to get themselves into a comfortable position in society.


Life is certainly unpredictable, but it is up to us as humans to make the most of what we have been given. There is always a choice that can be made, and every choice has its consequences. It takes a good deal of effort to achieve anything, but once you do achieve it, you will feel more alive than ever before. This feeling – this feeling of being alive – is the ultimate purpose of life.

Life is what you make it, and sometimes it can get hard to be happy when we are faced with obstacles that do not seem easy to overcome. However, to achieve happiness for yourself, you must push yourself every day to achieve your goals and feel content with your achievements.


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